Philip Lorca-diCorcia

Over the past thirty years, Philip Lorca-diCorcia’s various works have both reinterpreted street photography and helped to define the photograph as a means for conveying a visual narrative.

Credited with pushing contemporary art forward through staged photography, his early series, “Hustlers”, provided a look into the lives of male prostitutes working in Hollywood; however, it was with a later body of work, “Heads”,  that diCorcia solidified himself as an important figure in photographic history.  In “Heads”, a strobe light attached to scaffolding along downtown city sidewalks illuminated the expressions of unsuspecting strangers as they walked, allowing the camera to capture their gaze, absorbed in their own thoughts or rushing to arrive at their destination.

Currently teaching at Yale University, where he earned his MFA in 1979, diCorcia continues to produce work that redefines the medium and influences the contemporary art world.

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