Shizuka Yokomizo

A Tokyo-born artist, living and working in London, Shizuka Yokomizo’s work plays with the boundaries that separate private from public and explores encounters between strangers.
In “Strangers”, Yokomizo depicts figures standing alone in their ground-floor windows at night.  With anonymous letters sent to her subjects, Yokomizo identified herself as a photographic artist, asking the person to open the curtains during a specific point in the evening  and stand in front of the window.  The resulting photographs make up her most recognizable body of work, visually describing the moment of encounter between two people who have never before spoken and likely never will.  They are images of people in their own environments, staring, not only at the night, but also at their own reflection in the window’s glass.  In this way, the series addresses both the encounters of strangers and encounters with oneself.

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