Yang Yong

Yang Yong is a chinese artist who uses a group of people to show the attitudes of young people living in urban China. Most of his images are shot at night in the streets. Most images show boredom or a sense of waiting. Their attitudes and postures are said to reflect the attitudes of youth culture from the 1990’s. Intimate photography uses pathology to reveal emotional lives, so in this way it is “Intimate Photography.” Yong also uses the aesthetic of showing non-events (being bored and uncommunicative) and strained social scenes.

Yang Yong, Anonymous still (+ 2 others; 3 works)



Colin Gray

Colin Gray uses the camera to document his family life. They are narratives of intimate life, but they are more than just family snaps because of the way they are shot. The way they are framed is intentional and so is the blur. What makes these images art photography is the emotional flipside of snapshots. The scenarios are emotional non-events, not birthday or rites of passage. In his ongoing series he documents the relationships and roles of his family after his mother has a stroke. It shows an alteration in routine: an increase in doctor visits and attending church. So, Gray uses photography as a way of communicating his intimate experiences.

Untitled, 2002. From the series In Sickness and in Health

From the series The Parents

Mitch Epstein

Mitch Epstein is an American photographer who documented his father for four years, after a crisis threatened his life, this project is called Family Business.

“Epstein began to use photography, and also a DVD camera, to investigate how his father’s hard working and honest ethics, which had been so in keeping with cultural values in a post-war America”

This project includes: Interiors, portraits and video elements.

Family Buisness


American Power

Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley started photography while he was studying graphic design in New York.

McGinley’s work is intimate but has “a lack of angst and pathos apparent ” and using his subjects inserts playfulness in collaboration “to help shape narratives for the public context of the art world”. Cotton also describes McGinley’s work as authentic records of young lifestyles.

Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans is a German-born photographer, initally recognized for his snapshot-style of photographing.  In the early 1990’s, he began working for magazines and became known for “documenting his generation”.  However, as his work developed, Tillman began exploring different genres and subject matter, stating that he took pictures “in order to see the world”.  His photographs are exhibited in nonhierarchical arrangements, moving away from typical presentations ofimages and playing with the possibilty of the viewing experience.

Elinor Carucci

Elinor Carucci was born in Jeruselem, Israel in the 1970s.  Her early photographs provided glimpses into the lives of her parents and immediate family, with images oftentimes centered around the subject of her mother.

In 1995 Carucci moved to New York City and, upon becoming a mother herself, began photographing her own children.  Unlike many artists who address intimate life, her style does not resemble a family snapshot, but rather depicts both moments and relationships with a universality.

Jean-Marc Bustamante

Jean-Marc Bustamante is a French photographer who incorporates both space and design into his works.  His first major series, Tableaux, depicted seemingly uninteresting sites around Barcelona, using both large color photographs and classical composition styles to blur the lines between painting and photography.

In his series, Something is Missing, Bustamante photographs in cities throughout the world, but never reveals specific locations or chronology of the images.  This approach forces the viewer to rely fully on their own analysis of the photograph; to piece together each visual clue present in Bustamante’s carefully composed image.  In exhibitions of this work, he sometimes paints the gallery walls red in an effort to place emphasis on the images’ separation from the external world.