Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter is a british photographer that falls under the ‘Once Upon a Time’ category of storytelling. His work is described as tableau, because his work often refers to specific works of earlier art. For example, in his series Thoughts of Life and Death in which his models roleplay death scenes, Hunter remakes a victorian painting into a contemporary one using John Everett Milias’s Ophelia. 

The Way Home: A young woman drowned on her way home from a party. (Modern day Ophelia)

In his Persons Unknown series (1997) he is inspired by Jan Vermeer paintings.

Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, Jan Vermeer, 1657

Woman Reading a Reposession Order, 1997.

He also remade Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World

Anchor and Hope, Unheralded Stories Series.

So, he uses historical paintings as symbolism to talk about problems contemporarily.

I’ve been looking at a lot of his work and used his work as inspiration for my next project. Here are some more I’ve been looking at.

Travellers Series

Prayer Places.

The Value of Rest. Life and Death in Hackney Series.

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