Richard Misrach

Richard Misrach is an American photographer who does landscape and architectural work. He mostly focuses on the American West, showing human interventions in landscapes. Most of his photos are of the aftermath of man’s destruction of natural resources. His work is categorized as deadpan, which defined by Charlotte Cotton, deadpan aesthetic is a “cool, detached, and keenly sharp type of photography.” In 1998 he did a commissioned series of Battleground Point in the Nevada desert which was the site of a legendary battle fought by Native Americans. This photographs depicts Battleground Point after its been inhabited and flooded. In one image, all you can see is a sand dune, which is not the expected desert scene. (You expect little change and little to happen).

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Battleground Point #1

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Battleground Point #3

Richard Misrach, Battleground Point #20

Battleground Point #20.


White Man Contemplating Pyramids, Egypt


Swimmers, Pyramid Lake Indiana Reservation, Nevada

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