Sabine Hornig

Sabine Hornig is a German photographer that uses iconography to show the relationships between shapes or forms of everyday objects. The everyday objects are altered contemporarily because of how they are shot. Because of this, her work falls under the Something and Nothing category. She concentrates on the spaces between the image and the object, like in Window with Door. This type of photography makes us question the way we experience our environments and gives us an “imaginative glimpse” of the world. The overlapping structures in the window turn the window into a type of mirror. Her images are printed as transparencies and framed on glass so that we are looking into them. This takes the photographs into a three-dimensional space.

 “A room on a stage is typically missing one side, the virtual “fourth wall” through which the audience peers”

Sabine Hornig, Invalidenstrasse

Sabine Hornig, Vorhang 3

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