Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders is an American artist and director. She uses photography when “a site carries its own story and does not require him to construct one cinematically.

Chapter 4 is titled “Something and Nothing” to “show how non-human things, often quite ordinary, everyday objects can be made extraordinary by being photographed.”

Below are a few of Wender’s works he did called Picture Haikus, these are ordinary things he made extraordinary by photographing them and then making poetry from them.

I did not put the red leaf there.
I don’t know
what the inscription says.
I found the rock
in the thicket
of one of the gardens
of the Toshodaiji Temple.

I did take a picture
of the small temple
and the urn under its roof,
behind this wall.
But what moved me
was the mossy surface
of the grey stone.

Wim Wender’s Website: http://www.wim-wenders.com/

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