Paul Seawright

Paul Seawright is a british artist that was commissioned in 2002 to photograph in response to the war in Afghanistan. He is a perfect example of how photography can be a witness to events of the world. He uses documentary photography that has social relevance. Instead of shooting action and chaos, the artists in this chapter photograph what is left behind. In his series Hidden, he photographs the artillery shells and rubble left behind.

His composition is supposedly reminiscent of Roger Fenton, who took photographs of desolate landscapes after the Crimean War.

Cotton says that the visualization of inhuman nothingness and loss is an allegory for the problems faced by photographers documenting war to show the complexity of human suffering.

battlefield with rockets Afghanistan

RoomV Afghanistan

Taliban bunker Afghanistan

landmine clearance Khandahar Afghanistan

In his other works he shows political and religious conflicts as well. In Conflicting Account, he shows the conflict between loyalists and protestant irish past.


Invisible Cities- Post-colonial cities of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Man sleeping


Bridge Lagos

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