Ziyah Gafic

Ziyah Gafic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 1980.  His photographic career began in 1999, after graduating from Sarajevo University with a degree in world literature.

During the past several years, Gafic has been working alongside the International Commission of Missing Persons, cataloguing personal effects recovered from Bosnian mass graves during the war, in an effort to help families identify their lost loved ones.

“Once the criminal trials are finished, and once the people identified, these objects are in limbo. It’s a shame. You put the perpetrators in jail, the bodies are buried, and nothing else remains, except the fading memory that families have [and] these items.”

Much of Gafic’s work address genocide through examining the effect it has upon Bosnian civilians.  He avoids photographing the war itself, recognizing that the world is already flooded with such images, and stating that they fail to tell enough of the true story. 

“I don’t believe in screaming pictures, graphic pictures. What I do is closer to whispering pictures. Whispering is a much better way to get a message across than yelling.” 

More of Gafic’s work can be viewed at: http://www.ziyahgafic.ba/

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