Susan Derges

Susan Derges is a contemporary artist who revived one of the oldest techniques of the cameraless photograpy, the photogram. So her images are contemporary remakes of an old photography process. Photograms were photogenic drawings because they made silhouettes of images and relied on the amount of light that hit the surface of the paper (like tracings).

Her modern darkroom was the night sky. The colors of the prints depended on the temperature of the water and the amount of light coming from the towns and villages.

Her process: She would take light-sensitized paper in a metal box held under the surface of a river or sea and would flash the paper with light to capture the movement of water. She would strategically place the light above branches, etc to include shadows in her photograms.

Cotton: “She offers a reminder of the responsive and intuitive manner of photography’s early history.”

Her prints are HUGE and phenomenal

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