Eleanor Callahan, Photographic Muse for Harry Callahan, Dies at 95



Kerim Aytac

Kerim Aytac was born in Istanbul in 1979 and is living and working in London, England. He is currently making work and teaching Film and Media Studies. After falling in love with film he found photography could be a more creative outlet. His love for film can still be seen in some of his images and also his fascination with the urban landscape and street photography.

“I have been drawn to the idea of absence. My earliest projects were clearly influenced by the ‘decisive moment’ philosophy of street photography, but I had already developed a fascination with the traces of the urban landscape that reflect a human presence, rather than the presence itself.” He said about his work. He also references his work as minimalist, mysterious and cinematic.

All of his works that I have found are black and white images with nods to his love for film, I cannot tell if they are digital images or film. His work is simple, clean and formal and often focuses on the sense of absence or presence.

More of his work can be found at:http://www.kerim.co.uk


George Georgiou

George Georgiou is a British freelance photographer and photojournalist whose work focuses on the transitioning of cities from small traditional villages to large modern cities.  His work also includes the communities stuck between different cultures within these cities. He also addresses how the cities are changing to all look the same.

George Georgiou was born in London in 1961. He graduated from Polytechnic of Central London and has taught at Barnet College in London.

He previously worked in black and white but moved to color for his new series Fault Lines:Turkey/East/West. The theme of this series came from observations he had made of new housing complexes that contrasted with the Anatolian Plateau. The series explores the idea of a division of east and west along with conflicting religions, and traditions, with modernity.

Visit  http://www.georgegeorgiou.net/projects.php for more.