Keith Carter

Keith Carter was born 1948 in Madison Wisconsin.  He is the Chair of Art at Lamar University Beaumont, Texas.  He has had over 100 solo exhibitions in various countries. Keith was inspired by his mother as a photographer. He has published 12 monographs.

His images are evocative and haunting, they capture what he calls the “little askew moments” that allow viewers to see beyond the surface reality.

For his project ‘From Uncertain to Blue’, Keith traveled with his wife across Texas exploring and photographing the little towns it had to offer from 1986-88.

Keith’s images feel like dreams, his depth of field almost always short, light and framing always precisely considered, and a soft focus finish that blurs the edges of the forms.


For his newer work, (since 2000) he is still using Black and White photography, as well as soft focus and strong contrast, his attention to depth of field is spectacular.

Image 2005

Image 2001

ImageImage 2003

Image 2005

Image 2005

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