Anne Hardy

Anne Hardy is a British photographer who is known for her fictitious photographs. Her work  focuses on environments she constructs from scratch in her studio. She creates these very narrative and somewhat theatrical spaces which often give the viewer a feeling of desolation or separation. She creates this by using a lot of discarded objects that would be seen everyday by the people of London and placing them in a chaotic way to unsettle the visual orientation. She often repeats the objects and uses them as indicators that allude to previous human interaction.

Anne Hardy graduated with a MA from the Royal College of Art in 2000. She graduated from Cheltenham School of Art in 1993 with a painting degree. She has been published in several magazines such as Tank, Photography Now, and Art Review. Her work has been exhibited in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, the Venice Biennale art festival and the Bellwether gallery in New York. She currently lives in works in London.

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