Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo was born in 1976 in Johannesburg, Africa.  While growing up in Cape Town, Hugo taught himself how to use a camera and developed a somewhat photojournalistic approach to photography, which he abandoned while in his early twenties.

Hugo’s first large body of work, “Looking Aside,” was completed between the years of 2003 and 2006.  Focusing on unusual subjects, such as those with albinism, those who are blind, aged, or seemingly uncomfortable to look at, Hugo forces us as viewers to engage with what normally causes us to look away.

In more recent bodies of work, such as the past year’s “Permanent Error,” Hugo employs the Nigerian landscape as a subject equal in importance to the humans that inhabit his photographs.  Set in the Ghanaian dump, the photographs of “Permanent Error” examine the disposal of Western waste within developing countries.

“I find the process of making portraits much more immediately intense, while landscapes can leave more room for questioning and contemplation.”

For more work, visit http://www.pieterhugo.com/

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