Ryan Schude

Ryan Schude is an imaginative photographer originally from the greater Chicago area. Currently based in Los Angeles he’s won several awards for his editorial & advertising work. Starting out at around aged 18, experimenting with portraiture photography, he followed up the interest by exploring painting, printmaking and film before finally honing his individual style and technique – which is as much setting the scene from a technical standpoint as crafting the perfect photographic shot. (Methystic)

Read an Interview With the Artist (http://www.indigits.net/photography/ryan-schude/)

Mike Ware

Graduated in chemistry at the University of Oxford in 1962. He is now researching and creating photographic antique process. He has written several books and publications on coated processes. He is supported by Kodak in his research and has won several awards. The results of his studies on platinotypes, cyanotypes, argyrotypes, and chrysotypes have all been published throughout the world. His goal throughout his work and research is to bridge the gap between chemistry and other sciences and the art world. He is successful because he not only has a love for photography, but his interest in science and education helps him to better understand antique processes. 

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